The End

The Social Medi Relaunch Day! It arrived at last! Speeches, presentations, activities and the cumilation of hard work!

The Social Media Relaunch day represented a culmination of hard-work and effort from all involved. All in all, it was a huge victory for York Youth Council. We all had a great evening!

First, there was  riveting, exciting and uplifting (his words) introductory speech from our chair, Dom. He introduced what we would do that evening and talked for a bit about Social Media.

Then we had a short speech from our Vice Chair and a member of the Social Media Team Joe about how amazing it was that we’ve come this far. He credited most of it to me, which was very embarrassing.

Next I presented our PowerPoint, and everyone there had a lot of fun getting involved with the activities and questions. We showed what we did to get to the stage we are now, with the help from the amazing Digital Development Team. We did some of the activities we did with the Team with our guests, and asked them some questions about Youth Voice.

Next we had a speech from our MYP about York Youth Council and the Make Your Mark work we did this year.

All in all, the evening was a great success, and thankfully all our promises to work harder on social media have been kept up!

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