This week, we had Gary from Lollipop in to talk to us. Lollipop was founded by a young person who became deaf from an illness, and so she established a charity in York to help deaf children. The children can come to Lollipop by themselves to become members or they can be referred by their doctor etc. About 40% of children with hearing impairments within North Yorkshire are members of Lollipop.

They run drop in sessions and activities for deaf children, and they are all free. They aim to break down the barriers of social isolation around those with hearing impairments. The vast majority of deaf children are the only deaf child within their school. So, Lollipop gives them a deaf peer group from their activities. This means that the children can follow the conversation and activities because they are all going at the same pace. They also provide help and groups for parents, giving them an opportunity to get answers to any questions and concerns that they have.

They now have their very own activity space!

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