At York Youth Council, we strive to represent young people’s voices both citywide and work with UK Youth Parliament in order to provide countrywide representation. We strive to have two members from each school and we have various jobs within the Youth Council.

Our Chair


Hi, I’m Joseph or, as most people call me, Joe. I was honoured to be elected Chair of York Youth Council in February of 2017. I’m currently in my first year of Sixth Form and I’ve been a member of York Youth Council since May 2015; I was elected as Vice Chair in November of 2016 and served in that role until my election as Chair, with my successors being Rosemol and Adam. I have had a keen interest in politics since I was very young and I now devote myself passionately to the Youth Council. I’ve met many friends here and I enjoy representing Huntington School as well as all young people in York. My personal interests involve playing the bass, debating, and reading!

Our Vice Chairs



Hi, I’m Adam. I’m the current Vice Chair of YYC. I was honoured to serve as MYP from 2016-2017. I’ve been a proud member of Youth Council for 2 years. I also participate in numerous clubs and youth groups including Youth Theater and Air Cadets and I’m currently the deputy head boy of Joseph Rowntree’s. In my spare time I enjoy reading, video games and attempting to play the Ukulele



Hi! I’m Rosemol, I’m the current Vice Chair for YYC and I’m in Year 12 at All Saints School. I love being a member of YYC as I’ve made many new friends and met some amazing people and I’m passionate about making a change for young people in York. My hobbies include dancing, reading and drinking (a lot of) coffee!

Our Member of Youth Parliament (MYP)


Hi, my name is Dom, I am currently in Year 12 at Bootham School and I am former Chair of York Youth Council and current Member of Youth Parliament, meaning I represent the young people of the city at a national level. I have always been interested in politics and love serving in the Youth Council; I get to meet my friends, as well as representing the young people of York. My personal interests include party politics, board gaming and video gaming but I also love a good book too!

Our Deputy Member of Youth Parliament (DMYP)s



Hey! I’m Mitty, I’m 15, and I go to Millthorpe school. I act (I’m a musical person) and I’m pretty passionate about sweet baked goods. I’m a Hufflepuff and my favourite musicals  are Chicago and Heathers! I joined YYC because I wanted to help young people get their views and opinions about current events heard.


Hi, I’m Lottie. I’m in Year 10 at Millthorpe school, and I’m one of the DMYPs for York. I’m passionate about art, music and English. My favourite band is Bastille. I enjoy York Youth Council as it gives me a chance to meet other young people from around York and I enjoy being able to contribute ideas and help make a change.

Our Steering Group Representative


Hi, my name’s May Beth and I am in Year 12 at Huntington School. I am the Steering Group representative for York Youth Council. I enjoy playing badminton, swimming and wall climbing. I became a Youth Councillor because I want to help people from across the city to get their voice heard and to show the young people of York that it is possible to make a change.

Our Secretary and Social Media Representative


Hihi, I’m Olivia M. I go to Millthorpe and am in Year 10. I am a peaceable, Christian nerd who loves reading (especially Harry Potter – I’m a real potterhead), sewing, knitting, and acting among many, many, many other things. I also play the guitar! I love Youth Council because I get to make York better for all young people and I can actually make a difference and achieve something with my life, even though I’m a young person.

Our Treasurer


My name is Matthew and I’m currently in my first year of sixth form at Bootham School. I’ve been attending YYC for over two years now and have recently been elected as our Treasurer. I enjoy Youth Council a lot due to the opportunity it provides to meet new people and make a difference 0n a local level (but the tea and biscuits are a good incentive too).

Our Other Members



I’m Ellie and I am in Year 8 at Archbishop Holgates School. I joined York Youth Council in November 2015 and have loved it since. As a regular bus user, I’m very passionate about our Transport Campaign and am excited to see how far we can take it. In my spare time I enjoy playing a variety of musical instruments like the clarinet and shopping with my friends.


Hullo, I’m Will. I joined YYC in December 2015. I joined from an event on the race course and from there I came along and got a place. I was keen to make a difference to transport because I get a bus and am often disappointed with the service. I am a keen promoter of mental health awareness.


Hi, I’m Olivia B and I’m 17 years old. I’m in the first year of Sixth Form and only recently joined YYC this February. I joined YYC because I wanted to help voice the young people of York’s opinions and help to make the necessary changes. My interests include horse-riding, baking and acting.



I’m Lucy and I’m currently at sixth form acting as one of the house captains at Tadcaster Grammar school. I joined YYC in hope that I could make a difference for young people in and around York. I’m very interested in politics and current affairs along with being a sports enthusiast outside of school. I’ve only recently just joined and I’ve already met some amazing people.



Hi, I’m Ella. I’m a student at All Saints 6th form. I joined York Youth Council as I have huge interest in politics and want to positively impact the community I live in. In addition to study, I enjoy music, playing the saxophone and piano and travelling!