NEW POSTER on How To Join York Youth Council

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Accessible Text: Poster with 8 text boxes and the York Youth Council logo of a tree. The text:

  1. Consultations – We work with local and regional organisations & review services and give feedback
  2. Outreach and Engagement – We engage with young people, schools, and relevant groups across the city, and use social media
  3. Campaigns – We form campaigns on key topics for young people based on youth consultations such as Make Your Mark
  4. Meetings – We organise, attend and represent the youth voice across the city with other organisations, and invite guest speakers
  5. Contact – Everyone is welcome!! Twitter: @YorkYouth Instagram: @youthcouncilyork
  6. Register – Email us at We will send you a registration form and video/photo consent form, compliant with GDPR
  7. Come Along – Come along for a taster session! We meet Wednesday evenings 5-7pm
  8. Get Involved – Get involved in our work and join us in representing Youth Voice – we’d love to have you!

We’re back!

Yesterday was our first meeting back after summer so we caught ourselves up on any work we were sent over the break as well as any work that we are continuing from last term. 

It was a great first meeting of the Youth Council, discussing how we are going to tackle the issues that young people face on a local level, including public transport and disenfranchisement.

We were also very sad to say goodbye to the Youth Worker who has worked closely with the York Youth Council for a long time, Charlotte. The York Youth Council is incredibly grateful to Charlotte for all the work she has done to make young people’s voices heard.

(The meetings are online)

Manchester Bombing Statement

As a response to the tragic events in Manchester on the 22/05/2017, this statement was read aloud during the Youth Council’s weekly meeting before we observed a minute of silence:

“We would like to pay tribute, to pay our respects and to think about those whose lives were lost or changed forever due to the horrific attacks on our freedoms and our ability to live our lives without fear on Monday night in Manchester.

The reason that this statement is being made is that many of those killed or injured were young people, just like us. Young people from York were present at the concert during this act of barbarism. As a Youth Council, these are young people we represent, we fight for, and we attempt to improve the city for. Their lives have been shattered and their lives will never be the same.
The fact is that it could have been any of us; it could have been anybody who has ever attended a concert and it could have been anyone who has ever attended a public event.

However, where there has been great tragedy and the worst of humanity has been shown; we have also seen some of the best of it. We have seen complete strangers assisting victims, young people spreading the attention of the attack and showing compassion, taxi drivers giving free lifts to those affected, people in Manchester offering free accommodation and the brave work of the emergency services. There is currently personnel from the armed forces protecting York and working to keep us all safe.

In times like this, WeStandTogether