In the future, the Youth Council want to do a better job at working with local authorities to achieve our goals, deliver on the mandates provided to us by the ‘Make Your Mark’ ballots, and tackle the local issues that young people care about. One of the main criticisms that the Youth Council has received from local authorities from around York, and from young people themselves, is that the group does not always work with the City of York Council as much as it could to achieve its ends and deliver on its mandates.

The Youth Council currently believes that the amount of consultation that it does with other local authorities needs to increase, and more consistently guide the strategy which we employ to implement our campaigns and schemes. In this sentiment, we have been building stronger links with local Ward Councillors, through an interview process, whereby the Councillors come to meet us. We have also sought to contact local Council Executives to seek support on campaigns that are based around their respective issues. A final thing that we have been looked to do is to establish closer links with York Council’s corporate directors, which again, can help guide strategy for campaigns on their respective issues. As a final point, the Youth Council is keen to establish closer links with the York Schools Board, to help promote our campaigns, our role as a Youth Council – and the work we do.

Moving forward, despite the slight delay that has been put onto the majority of our plans due to the current global situation with COVID-19, we will be looking to maintain these links and strengthen them – more readily meeting with councillors, executives and corporate directors, to get their advice on campaign strategy, as well as their support.

We have also been improving and extending our means of consultation with the young people around the city whom the Youth Council represents. We believe that by doing this, as well as having the Make Your Mark results, the Youth Council always has plenty to be getting on with.

One of the things that came up in this consultation is issues around public transport within the city – something that we have recently been consulting with First buses, and will look to consult the local transport executive about.