Youth Councillors

At York Youth Council, we strive to represent young people’s voices both citywide and work with UK Youth Parliament in order to provide countrywide representation. We aim to have two members from each school and we have various jobs within the Youth Council.

Our Chair



Hi, I’m Jake, and I’m in my first year of Sixth Form at Huntington School. I was lucky enough to be elected as Chair of the Youth Council in September 2018, succeeding Joe. I first joined the Youth Council in September 2017, and had been a DMYP (Deputy Member of Youth Parliament) between February and September 2018. In my time as a youth councillor, I’ve found it to be a fantastic group of great people determined to make York a better place, and it’s been an honour to have been a member, and I look forward to working to make Youth Council even better! My interests include politics, debating, journalism, reading (yes I am quite boring), and watching shows on Netflix.

Our Vice Chairs


Hello, my name is Edward and I attend Manor CE Academy. I am in year 11 and my favourite subjects include History and German. Outside of school I enjoy being an active member and Vice Chair of YYC and I also like to read and play racquet sports.


Hi, I’m Tyler. I’m a student at Huntington School, and I was jointly elected as Vice-chair with Dave in September (with me serving until February, and him for the rest of the year). I joined the Youth Council in mid-2018, and really enjoy it.

Our Member of Youth Parliament (MYP)



Hi, I’m Lottie, and I’m the Member of Youth Parliament for York. I currently go to York College. In my spare time, I go to Explorers, I am a young leader for my local Cub group and I enjoy playing and listening to music.

Our Deputy Member of Youth Parliament (DMYP)



Hi, I’m Maisie. I’m 16 and I go to Archbishop Holgate’s School. I have been a member of York Youth Council since 2017, and it’s a very enjoyable and welcoming group. I’m currently the DMYP and Steering Group Representative. I enjoy history and politics and I love listening to music.

Our Secretary


Hi, I’m Liam, and I’m a student at Millthorpe School. I joined the Youth Council early in 2018, and I was appointed as Secretary in September 2018.

Our Other Members



Hihi, I’m Olivia M. I go to Millthorpe and am in Year 11. I am a peaceable, Christian nerd who loves reading (especially Harry Potter – I’m a real Potterhead), sewing, knitting, and acting among many, many, many other things. I also play the guitar! I love Youth Council because I get to make York better for all young people and I can actually make a difference and achieve something with my life, even though I’m a young person.


Hey, I’m Grace and I’ve been going to Huntington School since 2013. I like reading, writing, dancing and helping people, which is why I wanted to join YYC as it is a great way to do that.


Hi, my name is Peter and I go to York College. I have no real hobbies, I don’t have a good enough sense of volume control, I spill a lot of tea, and I’m generally inept. Youth Council is nice though.



Hey I’m Anika! I’m 16 and joined the Youth council because I want to help give young people in York a voice in their affairs. I’m a keen musician but on a weekend you’ll probably find me racing round a forest trying not to get lost (orienteering if anyone’s interested) X


Hi, I’m Dave: a 16 year old sixth former at Huntington School. I enjoy politics, football, and gaming. I was jointly elected with Tyler to serve as vice-chair from February 2019.

Currently being updated – more to follow….