York Youth Council has campaigned on a variety of issues over the years, from mental health to transport and a more varied curriculum. We aim to make a real and clear change to the lives of young people across the city.

Protecting the Environment, Votes at 16, Tackling Hate Crime, Putting an End to Knife Crime, A Curriculum to Prepare Us for Life and Mental Heath were the top issues voted for by young people in York in the 2019 ‘Make Your Mark’ ballot. We will be working hard on these campaigns all year and hope to be able to update you with our progress. We’re working with Howe Hill on a consultation to find out how we can support our homeless youth in York. We are also working on a joint mental health project with other young campaigners in North Yorkshire.

Check back here, on twitter via the handle @yorkyouth or Instagram @youthcouncilyork for regular updates from our Campaigns team!