PLEASE NOTE – This page gives information on last year’s campaigns, as the Make Your Mark vote has not been completed yet and so we have not chosen this year’s campaigns

York Youth Council has always run Campaigns. For a number of years, this was our primary purpose and it is still an integral role the Youth Council plays. We aim to make a real and clear change in young people’s lives in and around the city.

Our two current campaigns are Curriculum for Life and Work Experience as they were two of the most popular issues for young people within the city in 2017’s annual Make Your Mark referendum. We will be working hard on these campaigns all year and we hope you are looking forward to seeing our progress!

Check back here for regular updates from our Campaigns team!


The Curriculum for Life team have finished their survey for students to complete in School, and we are currently waiting for results on that, though we have currently received 43 responses mainly from Archbishop Holgates. The Work Experience team have worked out a plan for what they are going to do and how, and will begin instigating that as soon as they can. While we wait, the two Campaigns groups have joined together to evaluate and respond to feedback from the Primary Voice Event, which consulted with primary school children about issues they have within their community.