We’re back!

Yesterday was our first meeting back after summer so we caught ourselves up on any work we were sent over the break as well as any work that we are continuing from last term. 

It was a great first meeting of the Youth Council, discussing how we are going to tackle the issues that young people face on a local level, including public transport and disenfranchisement.

We were also very sad to say goodbye to the Youth Worker who has worked closely with the York Youth Council for a long time, Charlotte. The York Youth Council is incredibly grateful to Charlotte for all the work she has done to make young people’s voices heard.

(The meetings are online)

13th March 2020 Meeting

At this week’s meeting, we continued with our quizzing of Councillors as we were joined by the Lord Mayoress and Councillor for Guildhall Ward, Janet Looker and Councillor John Galvin from Bishopthorpe Ward.

We then discussed and planned content for an email to Executive Members of the Council whom we are hoping to work with, as well as planning a presentation for a Full Council meeting. We hope to attend a Full Council meeting in the future to gain support on our goals.

9th March 2020 meeting

At this Wednesday meeting, we discussed our MYPs and DYPs upcoming meeting with Rachael Maskell MP for York, and the topics that we wanted to bring up. We also discussed our future plans for how we will spread the word of our work through further engagement with schools and Councillors. Finally we were joined by two Councillors for Dringhouses and Woodthorpe Ward: Councillor Ashley Mason and Councillor Stephen Fenton. We quizzed them for our youth-centred Ward Councillors leaflet, which are to be releasing soon.