The Journey

The Social Media relaunch has been a long hard slog and it will end in January this year. This is our journey from a website and Twitter account that hadn’t been updated in three years to where we are now.

We started out last Christmas when I (Olivia) got the job of social media representative. The Twitter account hadn’t been updated in three years and the website was impossible to edit. I had no power over it and could not change anything without messing up the order completely. I had no idea how long it was going to take to find someone who could help me. Finally finding someone, we spoke to her about helping us. She came in one week to help me, and told me that only she could change the images but she could show me how to edit text without making the website unreadable. Having learned this, we then discovered that she was leaving City of York Council in a few weeks.

We decided that the website was more trouble than it was worth and set up this WordPress blog. It has taken a while, but we’re finally on the uphill stretch. And with the deadline being the 18th of January 2017, we’re just in time!

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