Election week (Or three weeks!)

Over the last three weeks, we have had many elections for various positions and we can now update you on the results!

First we had our Member of Youth Parliament (MYP) and Deputy Member of Youth Parliament (DMYP) elections. The role of MYP is a very important role as it is the person who represents YYC on a national level. Our new MYP is (drumroll please) Dominic Bielby, our former Chair! And the Deputy Members are (another drumroll) Mitty Howard and Lottie Ibbotson!

Then, as our Chair had been chosen as MYP in the last election, we had to vote for a new Chair. And the lucky young man is … Joseph Johnson-Tod, one of our former Vice Chairs!

Then again, after this new development, our other former Vice Chair resigned. This meant that we had two new positions up for grabs and the new Vice Chairs of York Youth Council are … Adam Kane, our former MYP, and Rosemol Manoj!

Congratulation to those who won!

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