York Youth Council’s Transport campaign is currently focused on three main issues: cycling, YoZone card usage and resolving an ongoing misunderstanding between the Danesgate Community and the City’s bus companies.


It is unacceptable that in our city in 2017 some young people do not have access to opportunities to learn to ride bikes or may not have access to facilities which enable them to cycle through the streets of York. It is because of this that one of the main focuses of the Youth Council this year is to improve the provision of cycling services for young people in the city. We aim to achieve this through the creation of ‘Bike Libraries’ (a library of bikes which will be available for lease from certain schools) which will allow for disadvantaged members of our city and communities to use bikes for either leisure or personal transport; and that the bikes in these libraries will be available for students which are unable to ride bikes or who have not passed their cycling proficiency due to not owning a bike, for them to learn new or to improve upon their cycling skills.

YoZone Cards

Every young person in York should be using services as cheaply as intended for them and often these are accessed using the YoZone ID card provided by the Council. Recently the Council has seen a drop in the number of young people using their YoZone cards, meaning that some are missing the opportunity to use their city’s services cheaply or even at all. We hope that, through working with the Council and schools to increase the usage of the YoZone card, we help young people access their services.

Danesgate Community and Buses

It is our understanding that the Danesgate Community and possibly other schools within the city are having problems with the bus companies which serve their areas. We are aiming, through acting as a middle-man between the Danesgate Community and the relevant bus companies, to resolve the issues which the Community and also the bus companies are facing.